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Phil’s TV Programs

In the early spring of 2011, Patty Nunn from Lakes3TV in Detroit Lakes called me and wanted to talk to me about being part of an artist series for their public access station.  She was recruiting 4 artists to each have one week per month in which a 10 minute program by the artist would be televised.  The series would last for one year, 13 different programs for each artist.

In March, I worked with Kerry Boyd, the cameraman, and made 8 programs, which should have lasted for 8 months, but they are actually showing one of my programs every other week, so they will only last a couple of months.  Below, I have You-Tube links to the programs.  They are not very high resolution on these videos, but I hope you at least get a sense of the program.

I now have 15 videos loaded into this webpage and will have more when they are all broadcast, so please keep checking.  I will add one more video each month.

I’m pleased so far with the exposure that it has brought to me and to woodturning.  The television viewing area is quite large, perhaps 75 miles across, so there are a lot of potential viewers.  The shows are repeated 6 times a day for 7 days, so each is played 42 times.  That’s lots of exposure.

Enjoy and think about coming to a workshop in my shop so you can make beautiful things with your lathe.

An invitation to Phil’s Turning Shop

Bowl turning video

Turning a Celtic Baby Rattle

A Tour of Phil’s Turnings

More About Wood for Turning

Turning Hollow Vessels

Turning a Kransekake- A Lover’s Ring Tree

Turning a Basswood Twice-Turned Bowl for the Rosemaling Artist

A Norwegian Woodturning Shop

Turning a Black Ash Platter

Off-Center Turning is Wild

Turning a Long-Stemmed Goblet

Turning Big, Big Spindles on the Big Oliver Lathe

Turning Wing Bowls

Turning a Burl Weed Pot

  1. Audrey Olmstead permalink

    Wow…I brought my iPad to show mom your website…we loved it! We watched the first video….You do such a good job speaking…organized, interesting, lots to show!! We just loved it. I hope you got her message. We are so proud if you! I will bring another time and we will watch another video…she was very attentive!

  2. Diane Harrison permalink

    I love the dozen pieces I have bought. Half for gift giving and the other half for my home. You are truly gifted and put yourself in every piece. The wedding trees make great wedding and anniversary gifts. Thanks for sharing your gift of wood turning and artistry with others!

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