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Instructional DVD’s

Cost: $20 each, $25 if you buy both.  Though the photo is of VHS tapes, these are DVDs that will play in your DVD player or computer.
Shipping: $5, Order at

“Turning Great Stuff” is an introduction and spindle turning video. Contents:

  • Safety
  • Tuning up your lathe
  • Tools for cutting and scraping
  • Sharpening
  • Fundamentals of turning
  • Learning to ride the bevel for control
  • The taming of the skew
  • Coves, beads and rings
  • Cutting beads with the gouge, beading and parting tool and skew chisel

“Turning Great Bowls” is the second video in the series. For best results, first watch “Turning Great Stuff.”


  • Phil’s Ten Commandments of Turning
  • From the tree to the bowl-visualizing and cutting the blank
  • Roughing the bowl
  • Shear scraping for the ultimate cut
  • Hollowing the bowl
  • How thick should I cut?
  • Sanding and finishing the bowl
  • Special Bonus: Turning one of Phil’s Wing Bowls
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