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You can reach Phil Holtan at his email

By phone you can reach me on my cell phone 701-261-6044. I am not always able to answer my cell phone immediately but I do try to return my calls promptly.

You can also call me about stopping by for a visit.  That is by appointment only and usually on Friday or Saturday. I would enjoy meeting you and showing you my shop and my turnings in my gallery.  Please email or call about a visit for yourself or a group.

  1. Etienne Viviers permalink


    Were can i purchase good quality box elder burl? It would be much appreciated if you could assist me.

    Thank you,


    • Etienne, it is very difficult to find good boxelder burl in a commercial setting. I am able to find what I need around me but it is very seldom of commercial quality and demands lots of extra time to harvest and cull through the wood that isn’t useful.

      • ricardo permalink

        philholtan . i have 2 burls for sale in Olympia. wa. maple 1)5 feet long x30 2)9 feet long x 30 plus are you interest ???

      • Thanks but sorry. Too far away. Look at the blog on harvesting and selling on my website will give you ideas. Good luck.

  2. im not very good on the computer and i do not have long distance either.i have spent my entire life in the woods here in the pacific northwest.i find all kinds of burl,quilted and fiddel back big leaf mapel as well as madrona alder burls.most peices are not much more than 40 lbs becouse some peices i pack miles.mostly spalted and weird shaped. i will look for wood ifi know what you to call around 7 or 8 a.m. 360-692-5016 my name is andy hope i can help

  3. Pam permalink

    We need to do a workshop for ‘our’ group.

    • It would be awesome to do a family workshop. I just need to convince everyone that we are not so very far away.

  4. Mike Burton permalink

    Do you do any fall classes?

      Mike, I usually start my classes in January, but I do have four turners who want classes and we have been trying to fit them in. Would you like me to include you in this short list and start trying to find a weekend for you?


      • Mike Burton permalink

        Yes for a two day class. I need the basic class.

  5. Randy permalink

    I have a nice white oak burl approximately 9″ around. It I will have pictures tomorrow if you would like to see it.

  6. Christopher Zurcher permalink

    I’m looking for specifics on selling burls state to state, and in my own state of south carolina. I’m very interested in this, in very new to the subject though so any info you could provide would be very helpful.

  7. John permalink

    I have a large oak burl that I’d like to sell if interested my email is I can send you pictures

    • John, where do you live? Big burls are not to be hauled thousands of miles. I live in Minnesota.

  8. Hi great story and congrats, I also hav thi lathe and need a tool rest would you mind sharing the manufacturers

    • I did some work on a Oneway outboard tool rest support and 16″ toolrest to fit my lathe with shopbuilt riser block. will find their website. They are a Canadian company. I had a machinist cut and reweld the upright on the toolrest base to get the height correct.

  9. Mazeh permalink

    hi every buyer of burl

    i am living in Africa my former job in logs Azobe, Bilinga, bubinga , Tali african name , every year at least 300 to 350 burl of different size comes out from the sol that when we make a road through the forest , if any body , interested kindly contact my email

  10. Charles permalink

    In Michigan I have a willow that is all burl from ground up to 12+ feet. it is over 36 inches in diameter and even the branches are burl. to compare there is another willow about the same size that is true in its trunk so it is easy to see this whole tree is burl. any suggestions?

    • Good for you. What I would say to you is in my blog, Harvesting and Selling Burls. I’m in Minnesota so you need to find people interested closer by. Good luck.

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