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Update- Remaining spaces in Turning Workshops for 2017

March 25, 2017

I have been leading weekend and other workshops for woodturners for 34 years. I have worked with over 1675 turners in over 255 workshops, mostly two-day workshops with just three turners at a time. My regular workshops are offered from January to June. As I meet interested turners, I sometimes put together other workshops in the summer and fall, if I can fill a workshop with three turners.

 Dad and daughter cropped2 Day Workshops- $340 2 days/3 turners 

April 21-22 (1 spot open)

May 12-13 ( 1 spot open) 

May 26-27 (2 spots open)

I do intend to provide some workshops in June and July as I have interest.  I do need 2-3 tuners to provide a class, so if you bring 2 turners it is very easy for me to set one up for you.

With so few openings, please call me at 701-261-6044 to find a spot that fits for you.


Here’s more about the workshops:

$340 each/ 3 turners/2 days

Hands-on workshop.  You will each have a lathe and set of tools and will be turning most of the time, with instruction in the-midst-of your turning.

Beginner to intermediate turners

No tools or experience necessary- I provide tools, lathes, meals and lots of support.

Spindle turning fundamentals the first day, and finishing your first bowl on the second day.

Workshop Schedule 

First day- Friday 2 p.m. – 9 p.m.

  • Orient lathes, tools and safety
  • Sharpening, begin spindle turning skills
  • Roughing blanks
  • “Taming of the skew”
  • Coves and beads with gouge, beading tool, and skew chisel
  • “Keep it sharp” and “Ride the bevel” will ring in your ears

Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Review spindle turning
  • Bowl turning with bowl gouges
  • Go from green wood to bowl blanks
  • Practice first and then turn your first bowl
  • Learn to harvest, dry and use green logs
  • Design, chucking, and tool handling
  • Sanding and finishing


I built a new shop in 2007-2009 on my lake lot. It is in a very Norwegian style with 6 huge turned posts around two sides of the shop. It definitely looks like a turner’s shop.

Inside, I have built a state of the art woodturner’s shop. It has two dust collector systems that will keep the air as clean as possible. It has lots of windows and space so we can be very comfortable with multiple turners at the same time.  I have both a retail store for my turnings as well as a variety of turning tools, chucks and supplies available for sale.

Hear what Participants say:

  • “Just an absolutely great two days for me” – Duey M.
  • “Excellent job-you really know your stuff and you teach it very well. Couldn’t be more pleased with what I learned and the bowl I produced.” – Bob R.
    • “You’re a good teacher-a fun time.” – Al S.
    • “Can’t believe time went by so fast; very informative, great hands on shop.” – Keith B.

Cored stack of ash bowls

You’ll work on one of several great lathes in my shop – a Powermatic 20-35 with a 20 inch swing, an Australian Woodfast bowl lathe with 20-inch swing, a swing-head Nova 3000 and a Nova 16-44, and a huge Oliver patternmaker’s lathe with a 32” swing and 8 foot bed. I have several full sets of tools, including the Stewart system for hollowing, the Trent Bosch video system for hollowing, the McNaughton system for coring multiple bowls, the Escoulen System for Off-center turning, the Beall buffing system and a variety of chucks. You will work with great lathes and sharp tools and experience turning at its very best.

If you have your own tools, please bring them to learn to sharpen and use them, but you don’t need to bring anything.Big lathe in new shop for web


Turning students 2014 including 2 hs kids










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