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Kids Turning Bowls

January 25, 2016

What a great experience on Saturday!  I love every one of my turning workshops, but this was one of the best. Will and his dad Mark came to my workshop for the second time. He had come as a 6 or 7 year-old and we had a great time turning R2D2, the Star Wars robot. But since then he has been turning at home and now at 9 years old, he is already a talented turner.  In the weeks since I heard he was coming to my shop again I spent a lot of time wondering what projects we should do and finally, on the day of the workshop, as he told me what he had been doing with his lathe, it was clear that he could do what the grownups do- turn a natural-edged bowl.

So, you can see below the bowls that Will and his dad turned.  Some parts of the turning are more difficult when you are 9 years old and don’t weigh very much, but all in all, he was able to do most of it very well.  And the joy of it.  He just grinned through the whole experience and was so proud of the bowl that he turned, starting with a log.

We had a good talk about safety.  If he gets hurt, he probably won’t be able to continue turning, so it’s important to always wear his face mask, take good safety precautions like making sure the wood is very secure in the chuck or between centers, and taking it slow. That’s hard for a kid, or a grownup, to use good judgement. But Will has great support from his parents. His father Mark is supportive and he turned a bowl too, for himself but even more to be a good partner and safety adviser to Will. Will got a better lathe for Christmas (imagine, a second lathe and he’s only 9) with a good bench, grandma gave him a workshop with me and he turns on his lathe almost every day after school.

As he was leaving, we talked about how to continue to develop his turning.  He’s already watching woodturning videos with his dad and catching Tim Yoder on cable TV. I suggested that he might enter some of his turning in the Minnesota State Fair competition, as some of my other young turners have done. He could attend a club meeting of the Twin Cities turning club. And sometime soon, he could attend an International Woodturners Symposium, maybe Kansas City in June of 2017.

If you want to help a young person in your life learn to turn, call me at 701-261-6044 and let’s figure out how to get them a good start at turning. I think that my new 1 day workshop, accompanied by an adult, is the perfect way to get started.  See my blog on turning workshops for 2016. Not all kids are ready to turn a bowl, yet, but we will carefully and safely get them started.  Both the parent or grandparent and the kid will have a great time, like Will and his dad Mark.

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  1. Lisa permalink

    Thank you Phil for a wonderful day for both Mark and Will. I know they both enjoyed it!

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